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    Our Trainers - Victoria Nettesheim
  Certified Master Trainer Victoria Nettesheim's love of dogs and experience extends back to her childhood.  her family and relatives owned and raised two different breeds. 

She began competing in 4-H dog obedience trials at age 11 and continued on owning, training, and competing with Samoyeds, American Staffordshire terriers, and American Bulldogs.  She began developing her own bloodline of Am. Staff's at age 16.  Her dogs won at regional and National specialties, exhibited by herself and other clients, As well as being multi purpose.She competed in Obedience, and Schutzhund , along with doing therapy work and hunting.  Her Am. Staffordshire's were some of the first four to be exported to Czecholavakia, and elsewhere in Europe. 

She was a founding member of F.A.S.T, Federation of American Staffordshire Terrier(The first workingAm.Staff Club), A. Staffordshire Club of America member, and  O.G. Schutzhund Club, mentored by Paul Haumbach. 

In her small breeding program of Staff's she bred over 20 champions, that were shown to title in 4 different registries in the U.S.A. Her and her family members also own, breed, and exhibit American Bulldogs of the Standard type.  One of the family's most notable dogs was N.A.BA./NKC Ch. Cobblestone Baer.  He won multiple specialties and best in shows, and was always exhibited by Victoria. 

She was also the trainer of multiple stakes race winning greyhounds, as well as two that are still standing world record holders, bred by Pat C kennel.  She has shown and handled numerous conformation Champions of several breeds. 

Most current achievement is the youngest Certified K-9 detection American Bulldog. 

She is a Certified Master trainer, also certified in Spec. Ops. and a Certified K-9 Detection Trainer. 

 She is a A.K.C evaluator and instructor for the Canine Good Citizen program and also judges various dog events on occasion.  She hopes to be able to provide you and your pet the assistance not only with training, but bonding and understanding as well. 

Problem solving and aggressive dogs can be helped with her methods as well. Victoria is available by appointment. 

Award Winning In Kennel Pet Dog training, private lessons, tracking and personal protection, group conformation and puppy kindergarten.

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