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DaveDave has been training dogs since the early '80s. He became seriously interested in breeding after training and handling his first real competition dog, Jmm vom Fichtenschlag, a German import. Dave and Jimmy competed successfully to 2nd place in the 1986 USA Schhutzhund 3 Nationals. Jimmy is the foundation of our German Shepherd breeding program. The outstanding qualities that Jimmy had -- strong drives, sound nerves and heart -- we continue to strive for in our breeding program today.
Being the training director for several Schutzund clubs over the years (currently the president and training director of StateLine SchutzhundClub) and a training helper for over 20 years, has given him the opportunity to work with MANY German Shepherd dogs of varying temperament and ability. This experience has given Dave the insight necessary to evaluate a dog's strengths and weaknesses with uncanny accuracy. He uses this insight to make the decisions necessary to maintain the high quality of dogs that we have in our kennel. Dave is a firm believer that if you are going to breed working dogs -- you must work dogs.


Kathy&BennoKathy is a relative newcomer to the joy of German Shepherds. She has been involved with Schutzhund, dog training and German Shepherds since meeting Dave in 1991. She loves training, hates trialing and enjoys conditioning and handling German Shepherd dogs for the show ring. An integral part of the decision making in the breeding program, Kathy helps to evaluate dogs and puppies for their potential and future in the sport.


McKenzie loves tracking and doing bitework with her dog Katie, an Australian Terrier, but she's also involved in helping to raise everybody's puppies...whether it be socializing or a little ring training...

McKenzie& Katie Kenz&Pup Kenz&pup2

Older now, McKenzie's interests are changing a little. She is shown here with her newest endeavor, Jackson, herown German Shepherd that she is training. Obedience is coming along, and bitework, well, let's just say Jackson got bigger faster than McKenzie! A little muscle from Mom is needed to hang on to him!

Mack&Jack Mack&Jack Obedience Jack bite



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