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    Aluminum Dog Crates for Sale





? All welded construction


? 1/8" thick aluminum shell

  ?Interior latch guard  
  ? Locking front gate w/ key  
  ?Solid round bar stock  
  ? Diamond plate front  

? Designed with safety in mind

  ? All diamond plate construction  

Available Options:


? Custom made to any size

  ? Cedar platform  
  ? Rubber mat  
  ? 1" Styrofoam insulation  
  ? Side rails for airline travel  
  ? Water/food dish holder  
  ? Top mounted exhaust fan  
  ? Double crate unit  

For Pricing or to Place Order Call:  (815) 508-1254

Aluminum Dog Crates for Sale

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Aluminum Crates for Sale

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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

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